Skill India

    KVs in Skill Hub Initiative (SHI) under PMKVY 3.0

    Towards the goal of integrating Vocational Education with general education, as envisaged in NEP 2020, MoE and MSDE have envisioned skill training at skill hubs across the country identified from education and skill ecosystems.

    As per the directions of MoE, KVS has identified 300 KVs across the country to be developed as Vocational Education Hubs and to be used for out of school/out of education youth skilling after school hours as a part of pilot project under the Skill Hub Initiative of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

    Out of 300 KVs, 228 KVs have started skill courses for out of school candidates. 5809 candidates have completed the course mainly in IT-ITES, Electronics & HW, Agriculture, Apparels, Made-ups and Home Furnishing sectors in the session 2022-23.

    KVs in Skill Hub Initiative (SHI) under PMKVY 4.0

    Based on the challenges faced in implementing earlier phases of PMKVY and the learnings gathered, the next phase of PMKVY, i.e., PMKVY 4.0 under the umbrella scheme of the “Skill India Programme” is being implemented between FY 2022-2026.

    PMKVY 4.0 is being realigned with a core focus on making the existing skill ecosystem more flexible, swift, and geared to meet the current challenges and emerging needs through process simplification.

    In accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the current session 2023-24, 350 KVs have been onboarded as skill hubs for providing Skill training to School/College dropouts, out of education and unemployed youth and for internal candidates of KVs in the age group 15-45 years under PMKVY 4.0 scheme.

    KVs have opted for skill courses in IT-ITES, Healthcare, Beauty and Wellness, Agriculture, Sports, Media and Entertainment, Apparels, Electronics, Management, etc. A good number of candidates are registered and the courses are in progress.


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