आयुक्त का संदेश

सुश्री निधि पाण्डे, भा.सू.से. आयुक्त

Dear Teachers

A Very Happy Teachers' Day to all of you. At the outset, I wish to thank you for your invaluable contribution in nurturing young minds and spreading the joy of learning.

It is universally acknowledged that a teacher plays a pivotal role in shaping the character and aspirations of a child. Our ancient scriptures too remind us of the bonding and harmonious relationship between Guru and Shishya, but this bonding brings with it the responsibility of enabling the students to realise their full potential by inculcating in them the values of integrity, hard-work and commitment. A teacher is not only a parent, friend, philosopher and guide to his/ her students, but also a mentor who imbues in them the sterling qualities of head and heart, thus moulding the future citizens of our great nation. We all, in some way or the other, owe a lot to our teachers.

On this occasion, I take this opportunity to recognise, with a deep sense of appreciation, your dedication and readiness to learn and adapt to technology and take teaching through digital modes during these trying times of COVID 19 pandemic. Moving away from the traditional methods of teaching must have been challenging, but your dedication, improvisation, quick adaptability and your relentless efforts have ensured the smooth and continuous transaction of academic activities which is highly commendable.

I hope you will continue your noble task of inspiring and guiding young minds through generations. Once again I wish you all a Happy Teachers' Day.

With all good wishes

Truly yours

Nidhi Pandey