Gyan Kosh

Sr.No. Title Youtube Link X Class Document XII Class Document
1 Straw spinner- Newton's Third Law of Motion
2 Vertical Pen Stand
3 3-in-1 Toy- Sound, Centrifugal Force and Bernoulli Principle
4 Meglav Pen- Magnetic Levitation
5 Scicence of Train Horn- Harmonics
6 Flute- Science of Sound
7 Binary Number System and Counting
8 Single cut triangle- Geometry is Fun!
9 Archimedes - Volume of a Sphere
10 Pi in straight lines!
11 Haber's Process- The story of Fritz Haber
12 CRISPR- genetic engineering
13 Story of the Gut- Bacteria living inside us
14 Nitrosomonas bacteria and a new type of deodorant
15 Division of Fractions- The Right Way
16 Mathematics of Graduation Cap
17 Books on Education- Divaswapna, The teacher, Summer Hill, Perelman books, Martin Gardner
18 Story of Topishankar- Shapes and sea
19 3D shapes with cucumber- Using real objects while teaching
20 Ratio of A4 sheet