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Message from Commissioner’s Desk
Dear Colleagues,

Every New Year symbolizes the beginning of a fresh start of hopes to do better, new aspirations and new resolutions. It brings new opportunities, new challenges and new visions for a strong and vibrant organization. To excel in the present and to nurture values and commitments for the future we must learn from the past. So let us all begin this New Year by shedding our old prejudices and embrace the future with the fresh outlook.

Let us resolve in this New Year to face our challenges with confidence and courage, spread joy and harmony and dedicate ourselves to work for excellence with renewed vigor. May the coming year offer every member of the KVS family immense possibilities to transform their lives in a positive manner..

I extend my warm wishes to everyone for a promising and fulfilling New Year.

(Avinash Dikshit)
12 January, 2015

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